Friday, April 2, 2010

Cream of Asparagus Soup

"Even if monks live in the desert, far from the tumult of the citiy and public affairs, they neglect nothing either in their actions or in their words, to make of their heart an inviolable sanctuary and to preserve intact that purity which permits them to enter into communication with God to the degree compatible with human strength. " ~Saint John Chrysostom

So some people have asked me for recipes. Since this book is copyrighted and still in print I don't feel comfortable printing for free online, the entire contents of the book. But, you can purchase the book to follow along yourself, and every so often I'll give you hints, so perhaps you might figure it out. In cases where I have to alter the recipe so much for allergy reasons that I essentially make it my own, I will share the recipe.

So um, you start like this.
I used to make a version of this recipe that was 2 cans of asparagus, and that was the only vegetable. It was good, but super high sodium. Frankly I don't recommend canned asparagus in general. It's smushy and gross and lacks a vast amount of the nutrition and fiber content you'd get from eating it fresh, and if possible, local.
I am lucky that Ohio being the farm state it is, a lot of food comes from here. Odds are much of what you're eating does too.
But moving something like this....
And you'll need to do this. No comments on how dirty my blender looks; it's well loved.
Next, scoop out a bowl for the casein intolerant in the household.
And then add some of this:

Verdict: Not bad, but a little bland. In the future I plan to use vegetable stock instead of water, and perhaps more asparagus. However, this was fast, inexpensive, filling, and super easy to make. The older two boys enjoyed it thoroughly and asked for more, and hubby took seconds to work with him, so I think it was well received. It was nice to have something healthy after a long day playing outside. A heavy meat dish would've just been wrong.

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  1. Yum - once my asparagus patch starts producing, this sounds like something we'd love. We usually eat asparagus every night the entire time its growing. :^)