Friday, April 9, 2010

Saint Mary of Egypt Fava Beans

"Saint Mary of Egypt is one of those desert saints who has a timeless appeal to all those who seek God by way of the monastic life. Mary was a fifth-century harlot from Alexandria who, after praying before the icon of the Mother of God in a chirch in Jerusalem, was somehow mysteriously touched by God's grace. After her conversion, she crossed the river Jordan to live an austere life of prayer and penance. Her feast is celebrated on April 2nd."

All right well I missed the second. I'll try to be better about doing some of these on their actual feast days.
This was one of those recipes that bugged me because I couldn't find a fava bean anywhere in a 2 hour radius. So, I cheated and used these:

The good thing about using the canned beans is it made this dish easy to prepare because it needed little forethought.
The meal seems like some hot-root stews I've had in the past, containing leeks, onion, and garlic.
This is a one pot dish- super easy clean up!!
Add the beans!
I served this dish over rice because I didn't feel like it stood well alone. It was very mild and extremely filling. While the recipe doesn't call for it, I highly recommend throwing some high quality organic salted butter on top. Makes it divine. (ha. ha.)

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